My Divorce Led Me to Become a World Traveler

Let me be the first to tell you: Five years ago, becoming a world traveler was not in my crystal ball of how my future was supposed to be. I was married, living in Virginia, pursuing my bachelors degree in psychology, and my five-year plan consisted of my husband, children, a puppy, work and THAT’S […]

Quick Guide On the 3 Things Need to Teach English Abroad

HELLO THERE! I am guessing that you want to learn how to be able to teach English abroad right? That is what has gotten you here? Have no fear, I got you all the resources you need. I will break this down in a way I wished someone would have broke it down for me […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nimman District: Baan Thai Apartments Details

Being apart of TEFL campus Chiang Mai location, I was provided with accommodations with them by purchasing the “premium package”. Finding accommodations in Chiang Mai can be difficult especially if you have never been before. While staying in the trendy area of Nimman, finding reasonably priced accommodations are hard to come by. Here is the […]

True Life: Welp, I Quit my Job and Moved Abroad

YIKES. That’s definitely a headline right there. But, yup that’s right. I am one of those “I quit my job to travel the world” people now. Sounds cliche but literally this is the MOST liberating things I have ever done. When people read that most think that we just walked into work and say “I […]

A Real Traveling Hairstyles Guide for Type 4 Curly Head Sistas

If you’re a black and you’re a girl you know the importance of your hair and the upkeep of it. In general, most common activities are not black hair friendly (i.e. swimming, working out, showering) … so we must protect it at all costs. Having type 4 hair is already a challenge within itself so […]

TSA PreCheck, CLEAR & Global Entry – What’s REALLY the Difference?

It has been a while since something new in regards to airport security has been brought up. With the rapid growth of CLEAR resurfacing itself I took it upon myself to give you a simple breakdown on TSA Precheck, CLEAR and global entry. TSA PreCheck As I stated before in my “Flight Ready Essentials For […]


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