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Consisdering how the world is going, do you like how your country is handling the pandemic? Have you been wanting to move to Thailand but didn’t know how or where to start? This quick guide will help you transition to your new home in no time. 

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What's Inside the Guide?

Teaching Qualifications

There’s 3 things you absolutely need in order to teach in Thailand and I lay them out clearly for you. The difference between a TESOL & TEFL. How to land a job in Thailand and what you should bare minimally settle for when accepting a position as a teacher. 

Planning Your Move

Picking up your life and moving can be stressful. I help you break down your move and what’s necessary to bring and not bring to your new home country. As well as sorting out your funds before leaving your job.

Services & Bonuses

All of the AIRBNB’s I’ve stayed in Thailand. Most were long term. My favorite laundry services that does free pick up and drop off services. Where I rented my motorbike from and all the “western” restraints and cafes to help you transition into Thai cuisine. 

My Gift To You:

Receive 15% off ANY TEFL/TESOL Course with iTTT.


Most frequent questions and answers

Let’s just say I left my condo door unlocked, left my keys in my bike ignition and I had a wallet returned me unused after being lost for 30 days.

Thailand is a heavily touristed country so if you stay in areas meant for tourist the locals will speak English.

Using, joining heavily populated Facebook groups about teaching  in you desired area, or just simply going to the schools you’re interested in and applying in person.

After you’ve made the firm decision that you want to move abroad, pick 3 places you want to live & weight your pros and cons of each. The other steps will flow after that.

Thailand has been known to house digital nomads all over the world. There’s wifi & cafes everywhere.