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Travel Essentials:

While being a remote worker this waterproof backpack is my SAVIOR. I use it for everything. Very durable & lightweight.

I try to pack light but I’m not the best at it. Ya girl needs options OKUR? These packing cubes compact all the clothes I be packing in my one suitcase. 😅 They come in diff colors too!

The bag I use when I want to do a weekend trip away from home. It passes as a “personal item” because it fits under the seat. I like it because it’s waterfall & HUGE. There’s even an compartment for shoes & wet clothes so your clean dry clothes don’t get messed up.

If you’re anything like me, your phone is your life. 😩 Can’t explain how many times I went out even with a full battery and my phone started dying. This power bank always came in clutch. It’s digital so you know how much battery you have left AND I get 2 full charges on it.

Glitz & Glam:

Being a solo traveler means 90% of the time I am taking my own pictures, unless I ask a random on the street and hope they don’t run off with my phone. With this ring light I do both my videos for my brand AND use the tripod to get all my pictures that are IG post worthy! Get into it.

All my naturally curly sistas need this product in their LOC method. This products gets my hair from dry, brittle and curl-less to HYDRATED, HEALTHY & COILY. I have 4b/4c hair and this has been the only product that keeps my hair hydrated but not crunchy or leave a white residue.

Tech I Use To Create:

My MacBook Pro is my BABY. I love it because it is soo compatible with my phone. can copy something from my macbook and then paste in on my phone. I also use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos that is only offered through apple.

Soooo maybe I sold my DSLR because it was too much to drag around with me. Truth is, most of my pictures come straight from my phone. Don’t sleep on the power of an Iphone. It’s blessed me thus far.

I don’t think this needs much more explanation…Lol If you’re a globetrotter. Get this. It’s breathable and feels better than the cold slate that MacBooks have. It also hides the apple logo so nobody tries to go snatch it at the airport.