The Story Behind HighOnTrice

See what the talk is about with the other 27k+ solo travel cravers. 

I was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. A lot of people outside of those in the military do not know exactly where that is so I always refer to “Virginia Beach” because most people know where that is.



Going to college was not an option at the time so I enlisted into the United States Navy where I was coerced into becoming a Machinist Mate (MM) – which is basically mechanical engineering. Ya girl QUICKLY realized that, that life was not for me. I struggled A LOT while in the Navy. It seemed like all the signs were telling me “Sis this aint for you”.



Very young, I fell in love which helped made the expereince in the military a little easier. With making choices young came consequences as well. 

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Heartbroken: Of course being married at 21 there were some aspects that me and my then husband did not understand nor had the maturity to deal with so we split ways. While I was on my healing journey I was asked a question that changed my life for good.


“What do you like to do?”


Lost & Heartbroken: I couldn’t answer it. I had no true identity outside of what my parents wanted me to do and whatever I did with my husband.

The Search: That sent me into a frenzy. I went on a quest to find out what I liked to do and what made me happy. Each week I tried something new looking to see if it sparked something inside of me. Then… I finally found out what it was. 


Travel: My true love. I traveled on the weekends to visit friends that I had living within the states and completely fell in love with the process. I loved the time alone, the planning, exploring new places that I’ve never been. From there, I was anxious to go oversees. I traveled some while in the military but never with friends and without the restrictions of the government.