Let me be the first to tell you: Five years ago, becoming a world traveler was not in my crystal ball of how my future was supposed to be. I was married, living in Virginia, pursuing my bachelors degree in psychology, and my five-year plan consisted of my husband, children, a puppy, work and THAT’S IT. But life had it’s own plan for me…

At 21, I got married to my former husband who was 20 at the time. WOAH! I know, but this was military culture. It was “normal” to marry young. We barely knew ourselves, and now that I am older, I could argue that we barely knew each other. All we knew is that we loved each other and we didn’t want to be apart.

As young adults, we had differences. MANY differences. Honestly, we didn’t know how to handle or approach this. Again, we were young. So, we coped the best way that…

Being apart of TEFL campus Chiang Mai location, I was provided with accommodations with them by purchasing the “premium package”. Finding accommodations in Chiang Mai can be difficult especially if you have never been before. While staying in the trendy area of Nimman, finding reasonably priced accommodations are hard to come by. Here is the breakdown of where I will be spending my first month abroad.


Baan Thai is located in the heart of Nimman. Just outside of the complex are local cafes, restaurants, street food, bars & shops. Steps away are a local McDonald’s and two 7-elevens, a grocery store and even a pharmacy for your everyday needs.

Using TEFL campus provided accommodations the prices and amenities and this is what the breakdown was like:

Check In:

Arrive before 4PM. – Office hours are from 9AM-5PM.


Advanced rental comes as a 32 square foot room with in suite bathroom. You will be assigned a room…

Lately there seems to be a lot of new inquires on people wanting to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico. AS IT SHOULD BE BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING THERE! ehm, excuse me… like I was saying everyone’s 2020 travel plans looks like they include Puerto Rico in them. I did quite a few tours with my trip so here’s an itinerary of what went down with my favorite one: “The Hidden Waterfall Hike”



A full day guided hike to state forrest park to a “hidden waterfall”.




Between 9:00AM – 10:00AM from your hotel or nearby hotel


Between 3:00PM – 5:00PM


Change of clothes, Flip Flops, Swim Suit (already on), Money for lunch, Towel, Old Sneakers/Hiking boots


After driving 1700 feet above sea level,…

I returned from my “Christmas vacation” to San Juan at the end of December with mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself THOROUGHLY however, I felt like I would’ve had too much more fun had I known a few things before hand. Each one teach one, so here’s a list that should help you while planning your Puerto Rico trip…

1. Rent a Car

Although Puerto Rico has Uber and taxis available and accessible, Puerto Rico is still a territory of the U.S. and with that being said them prices are HIGH. My AIRBNB was about a mile away from Old San Juan and depending on the time of day my Uber prices were between $5 and $25 – and the is was morning, day and night.

Not to mention even though the island is pretty small, there is soo much to do within the whole island that would ring up a pretty pricey uber bill if…

It has been a while since something new in regards to airport security has been brought up. With the rapid growth of CLEAR resurfacing itself I took it upon myself to give you a simple breakdown on TSA Precheck, CLEAR and global entry.

TSA PreCheck

As I stated before in my “Flight Ready Essentials For Airport Travel” blog post, TSA PreCheck is basically a program where you get expedited passage through Transportation Security Administration at DOMESTIC airports. Costing at $85 lasting for 5 years it’ll have you breezing through the security lines.

While traveling using TSA Precheck you do not have to remove:

shoesbeltslight jackets

Applying is super easy. You just submitting a 5 minute application online, select an appointment time, do a in person 10 minute background check and fingerprint scanning & upon enrollment you’ll get a “known traveler number” which is what you’ll enter when booking your flight. – In smaller airports, I get…

We have become such a digitized world and only still rapidly progressing so without a doubt there is practically an app for everything. EVERYTHING. It blows me sometimes. Anywho. My favorite of all time apps to browse around with is definitely… travel apps. (of course Lol) There are three specific apps that I seem to get the best results from every time for different reasons. So let’s get into it…


Hopper has soo many gems to them. Geez I don’t even know where to start. It allows you to properly “plan”. Most if not all booking apps makes you pick certain dates in order to get the pries you need, but that’s not the case with Hopper.

For a flight, all you have to do is put in your departure place and arrival destination. Then, from there the app brings you to page of a year worth of months in which you can choose, then choose the dates. After…