If you’re a black and you’re a girl you know the importance of your hair and the upkeep of it. In general, most common activities are not black hair friendly (i.e. swimming, working out, showering) … so we must protect it at all costs. Having type 4 hair is already a challenge within itself so finding the best hairstyles to protect it and still look flawless while abroad is… A SITUATION. Luckily I narrowed down my 5 favorite go to styles while I am abroad.

1. Box Braids 

There are soo many different types of braids like cornrows, Havana twists, micro braids, kinky twists, passion twists… the list goes on and on. I love box braids because of the versatility of them. You can wear them in basically the same styles as if your hair was straightened and they are water friendly. Typically I get mine medium – medium/large.

2. CURLY wig

Now, I wrote curly in caps because there are soo many different types of wigs out there again like braids lol Black hair culture is amazing. Anyway, I love a good kinky curly wig that requires little to no maintenance. Something where I can throw a little water and conditioner on it and then be out the door. NOBODY should be spending more time in the mirror fixing/doing their hair instead of exploring the foreign lands that are before them.

3. Tribal Braids

These braids are basically corn rows with a different layout pattern on the head. Super cute, water friendly and does not take too long to get done. You will not be in the stylist chair for hours on hours. Perfect for island vacations where you’ll be doing water activities or it’s super-hot and you don’t want hair making you hotter.

4. Drawstring Ponytail

Like I said, no one should be in the mirror doing their hair when they could out exploring. So a quick hairstyle that is perfect of those in the awkward stage and the ponytail is too small to be scene, wearing a ponytail blended with your hair is the perfect hairstyle. A ponytail is classic, it can be dressed up or down.

5. Wash & Go – Shingle

I know I know being type 4, our wash and go’s DO NOT last long, unless we sleeping up right and are in a place with no humidity sooooo that’s why you should SHINGLE you hair. Shingling provides moisture, definition and longevity. Exactly what you need while traveling. Don’t know how to shingle? Don’t worry, check out my video below on how to do it.