We have become such a digitized world and only still rapidly progressing so without a doubt there is practically an app for everything. EVERYTHING. It blows me sometimes. Anywho. My favorite of all time apps to browse around with is definitely… travel apps. (of course Lol) There are three specific apps that I seem to get the best results from every time for different reasons. So let’s get into it…



Hopper has soo many gems to them. Geez I don’t even know where to start. It allows you to properly “plan”. Most if not all booking apps makes you pick certain dates in order to get the pries you need, but that’s not the case with Hopper.

For a flight, all you have to do is put in your departure place and arrival destination. Then, from there the app brings you to page of a year worth of months in which you can choose, then choose the dates. After you have picked your dates then the app gives you “price predictions and even about when the price is projected to go up, down, or even if that’s the lowest you’ll find it and that you should book at that moment. – An entire gem right?



I enjoy skiplagged because they feature all of the major airlines including the smaller ones like Allegiant Air and Frontier. I found that with other booking sites I would have go to my apps for the other airlines that wasn’t presented and see their prices. Skiplagged eliminates those issues with the exception of Southwest (but yall know Southwest is special ha).

Using skiplagged you do have to know your dates of your travel and then from there you get a list of flights from price or duration from cheapest to most expensive. In the filters you can choose how many layovers you would like – or not like, what time frame you want to take off and how long you wanted your flight to last from wheels up to wheels down. There’s even filters for which airline you want to fly as well as which city you prefer to layover in. This is def a gem for international flights.



If you’ve been following me for a while on my instagram account – if not here’s a link to get there. Follow Me 🙂 But you know that I am a firm stander with Expedia. Like, I STAN.

I typically use Expedia for my international trips. They have an outstanding points program and because I book soo often I get to take the advantage of a free hotel night here and there or even some money off of my total price. I enjoy using Expedia because not once have they failed me in having the lowest price available in comparison to the other booking sites. Also, every day they present these 24 hour deals where you will save unbelievable amounts of money (sometimes a free hotel night stay). DAILY yall. This is daily. Expedia never leaves me unsatisfied.