Alright, so… outside the question of why do I travel solo, I always get the “who takes your pictures for you” question. I do not hire a photographer nor do I ask strangers to take my picture (because they cannot capture the moment like I need it captured.) So, I just take them all myself, if possible. HOW? – Typically the follow up question asked. Lol In order to take successful pictures of yourself you will need some form of vision, a dope background and the right equipment. So far, all of my pictures have been taken on my iPhone XR – even though I do have a DSLR camera. I use my iPhone because the tripod w| remote I use requires Bluetooth and my DSLR does not have that capability but I still get the job done with my good ol trusty iPhone. So here’s how I do it

The Vision.

You have to have a vision of what you want the picture to look like. See it before you take it type thing. Manifest it if you will. What do you want in the background? How much contrast, brightness, and vibrancy do you want in it? I visualize my pictures all the way to the edit in my head before I start shooting myself. Okay, I get it not everyone has that eye for a nice photo or you can’t think of an great ideas (it’s okay it happens to me too) I either google or Pinterest search picture ideas like “beach photoshoot ideas” or enter in the area I am in (i.e. “Manama souk photos”) and then scavenge myself through the images populated and then recreate the picture I like and throw my own twist on it. DO NOT steal someone else’s complete idea. Use as inspiration only to get those creative juices going.

The Background.

Before I start shooting I scope out the area. I see what’s around where I am and what scenery I would want in my shot. Before hand, I also do a little research so it’s easier to pinpoint by name or even by looks where the best spots are to shoot. I check for lighting/natural sunlight – meaning does the area have enough light that my phone can capture the shot and still be edited. Is there trash and debris around that does not add to the shot? What about people, is it secluded enough if I am aiming for a solo shot? These are some important key things to ask yourself before you begin just taking pictures. You need an idea in mind.

The Equipment. 

Like I said, I do have DSLR camera, but it is not compatible with my Bluetooth remote that I use so I just stick with my iPhone XR. My tripod cost me less than $20 and it is super sturdy, light weight (I can carry it in my purse/beach bags), easy to use and comes with a Bluetooth remote so I can click away my photos instead of constantly resetting a self-timer. My tripod is compatible to any accessory that has Bluetooth capabilities – it is not exclusive to only cell phones. On top of the cool Bluetooth capability features that doesn’t require an app for you to download in order for you to connect, the tripod is “3 in 1” being a selfie stick tripod, table tripod, handhold tripod for all your versatile needs.