I arrived in Panama late Thursday night so I only had time/energy for dinner and drinks with a local that i met from one of my online travel social groups. Shortly after I immediately took myself to sleep and prepared myself for the following day festivities.

La Tapa Del CoCo – Afro Panamanian Cuisine

Friday, I was soo eager to get up and explore all that Panama had to offer I found myself waking up just before 6AM and full of energy. Typically, my appetite doesn’t kick in until 9/10 or so, so I found myself with some extra time to spare before I began my day. I didn’t get the chance to get a tour of the hotel but part of the reason I booked it was had a rooftop pool. I STAN for a rooftop pool with a great view of the city. So I took my excited self-upstairs to scope out the scene and have a little cameo.

Finally, it’s time to eat my appetite has finally kicked in. I didn’t do the proper research that I was supposed to do (also because I changed my destination a week before arriving) I didn’t scope out any places that I would for sure want to eat at so I pulled out my handy IPhone and looked up popular lunch/brunch spots near by within walking distance.
I stumbled across this adorable café with an outdoor patio with a view of the city. Ordering the Panamanian version of a club sandwich. I was expecting to see lettuce, tomato, and bacon on my sandwich – silly me. Lol.

In addition to the club sandwich that I somehow accidentally a pitcher of sangria and after the third glass I was definitely feeling nice. There was no way I was going to let that $12 go to waste so as a group of seasoned women were walking out, one commented and said that my sangria “looks good as hell”.
So what does any solo traveler do in a time like this? – Ask if they want to help me finish it. Of course they accepted my offer and even pulled up a chair – I mean who wouldn’t? Who really turns down free alcohol? We talked, we drank, and we laughed. They were the beginning of all of my encounterments of my solo trip and it was a pleasure meeting them.

After lunch, I decided to walk around downtown because I didn’t book any tours for the day and also needed to hopefully seat out some of that sangria.
Turning down two blocks, I stumbled myself across a casino – yall know that I went in. loL I gave myself a budget of $10 (because the casino only had penny slot machines) and went to work. Not even, 10 minutes later did I lose my $10 and exited the property promptly I was not going to be a victim of the slots. Lol

After a much needed nap, I decided to book myself for a “Panama Bar Crawl” Tour that I found on Viator. It had amazing reviews so I figured why not. I had dinner at my hotels restaurant, got dressed, caught my Uber and headed out to Casco Viejo to begin my night of fun.

Fun Fact– Casco Viejo (Spanish for Old Quarter), also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, is the historic district of Panama City.

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The tour was hosted by two ladies, one was Panamanian and the other was German (both spoke English). Included in the bar crawl of 5 bars in Casco Viejo, A free drinks at each place and head of the line privileges to all places. Total cost: $25 USD.

The Crawl was a great way to meet some locals, see some amazing views of Panama on their sensual rooftop bars and get a taste of their nightlife. The meet up was at 8PM, we started at our first bar around 845PM then proceeded until 1AM where you then could venture off and do your own thing if you wanted.

Check out a few pictures from the bars I went to <3

Totally exhausted from the festivities and having to be up in 6 hours for my tour planned the next day, i left around 2AM and got as much sleep as I could get…