1.       Birdies

To be honest you can’t have a weekend without ending up somehow at Birdies. It is a chill neighborhood bar with a patio, full bar and pool tables in the back. It can be for both chill, grab drinks sit on the patio and listen to the music spill out into the outside area. Or, even if you want one of those nights where you just want to let loose and forget about anything that stressed you out during the week. Unfortunately, due to its recent popularity, the owner has now required a $5.00 cover charge to get in. But don’t worry it’ll be well worth it. Although, Birdies does not sell food after drinking the SUPER affordable drinks at the bar, there’s typically a taco truck located right outside for all the intoxicated party goers pleasure. Friday and Saturday’s the DJ plays mostly hip hop, rap & R&B music and bartenders are ALWAYS super friendly and attentive.

2.       Beach Bars

I was going to separate these down to which ones I liked best but I figured I’d keep them all together because 1. They are within walking distance of each other 2. They have no cover charges so if you do not like the bar you’re at, there’s no hassle in getting to the next one for a different vibe. Beach bars are typically filled with the younger crowd (college students) or heavily filled with military service members everywhere. Drinks are cheap and music varies from bar to bar you’d probably have to bounce around to see which one best fits what type of vibe you are going for the night. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes at a bar, unless I was in line for “Surfers” which sometimes is worth the wait. The biggest debate with the beach bars is the strict dress code that they have. 

3.       Hoptinger (5 points)

Hoptinger is located in 5points right across from Birdies. It is known mainly at night for their rooftop bar with an amazing view of downtown Jacksonville. Hoptinger has 3 floors to i. The main floor which is the restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat and drink, the second floor which also has pool tables and ample amount of floor space for dancing and then the third floor which is the rooftop. Hoptinger is a good spot because they have all three vibes built into one. The drinks are cheap and the dress attire is what you want basically, you can dress up or down and not feel out of place.

4.       Daq Shack

The Daq shack is locates in Orange Park, so if you live on or near that side, then lucky you. If not, then welcome to my struggle. Daq Shack is a cute vibe, urban bar that resembles the infamous “Wet Willies”. There’s array of alcoholic and nonalcoholic daiquiris with unique names like “Porn star” (Watermelon), “DUI” (Peach), and “One Night Stand” (Strawberry & Wildberry) just to name a few. The Dj there plays mainly rap and hip hop – predominately rap. As far as dress code goes, you can where want you want as long as your shoes have a back on them. 0 weird flex, I know. But they will literally turn you around if your shoe doesn’t have a back on it. Outside of the amazing drinks they offer, they also have hookahs available to use. 

5.       Live Bar

This hip hop club is located downtown Jacksonville on East Bay Street. There is a cover to get in, BUT ladies are free and drink for free until 11. So, if you don’t want to pay for a cover, I suggest you get there early. The DJ is ALWAYS jumpin’ playing mostly hip hop and R&B music and it does fill up in there by midnight. Being that it is more so of a club, ladies are suggested to wear heels. Grown and sexy I would say the attire is. The drinks are more expensive then what you get at 5 points or Riverside but they still do the job.