For my 27th birthday I went to highly underrated, desert…. Manama, Bahrain.  I traveled over 7 THOUSAND miles to celebrate in the hot, humid, dry desert….and guess what? I LOVED IT. This time, I booked through Expedia. I’ve used Expedia many times before and I love them primarily because of the points system that they have and typically the cheapest of the major search engines that I use.


For this trip, I went through the booking agency “Expedia” and combined the flight and accommodations together because typically you save a lot more by doing that instead of booking each separately. Where I did mess up at was that I flew out of ORD (Chicago) and I bought that ticket separately instead of just allowing Expedia do all the work (thinking I was saving myself some money…ya learn and grow) Anywho, my Expedia price for my trip with package protection (ALWAYS buy travel insurance when traveling international.) was S1688.55. What came included with that price was:

-Round trip ticket to Manama

-4 night stay in 4 star hotel

-Trip protection plan

-Free WIFI

-Private Airport transfer to hotel


I arrived into Bahrain (after my flight being delayed) around midnight. I had prearranged to have the hotel transfer me from the airport to them. I clearly learned my lesson in Cancun.

When I retrieved my luggage from baggage claim I called the front desk to confirm someone was there to pick me up and they indeed ensured me that someone was. I took literally nearly 30 minutes for us to find each other. I was in constant back and forth between the front desk and the driver. He barely spoke in English and we just couldn’t understand where each were. I was already jet lagged and exhausted so, by that point I wasn’t in the best mood.

Check In:

The kingdom of Bahrain is not the biggest island, so my hotel was only 5.4 km (3.3 miles) away from the airport in which if I didn’t have the driver come pick me up it would have been an approx.. 3.4 BHD Uber ride. Upon arriving to the hotel the front desk that was on the overnight shift was awaiting my arrival being that we were playing phone tag earlier.

Check in was less than 5 minutes and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Being that I provided all my information online with Expedia, the only thing I had to do was sign the receipt and receive the room keys. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Firstly, almost all the accommodations- if not all in Bahrain are all 4 star and 5 star hotels. Top notch. Don’t mess around. Amazing service. There also are a lot of “aparthotel” which basically means they refined an apartment building and turned it into a hotel. The hotel i booked for after a few days of debate was Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain. I was originally booked for a 1 bedroom room suite with a balcony but when I opened my door to my surprise I was upgraded to a two bedroom two bathroom suite with a balcony. Who they thought I was and what they thought I needed with all that space I don’t know but I was highly appreciative lol. I didn’t have much of a view, but that was okay I didn’t plan to spend much time in the room to begin with.

My two bedroom suite came with all the essentials to your basic hotel needs with an addition of washer/dryer, full kitchen, balcony, Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom and a separate living room.

Somerset was centrally located around everything that was the “touristy” thing to do while visiting Bahrain. I was less than 7 miles from Al-Fatih Mosque (Great Mosque), Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain City Centre Mall and American Alley.


As far as Somerset’s entertainment, there were two pools offered. One that was indoor/outdoor that overlooked the city and one that was an ordinary outdoor pool. Pool towels were offered free of charge as well as pool chairs to lounge in. Daily breakfast was also included that was from 6AM to 10AM (I never got the chance to try because I slept in most mornings). Also Somerset had a fitness center and business center for your pleasure.

Click here to read about entertainment outside of the hotel that I did.

My Rating:

I give my experience with Expedia and Somerset honestly a 4 out of 5 stars. Booking was smooth, the service was amazing at the hotel however compared to other aparthotels within the area they did offer more amenities to the guest. I believe more so I was paying for the convenience and location of the property. I definitely will go back for sure.