For those who don’t know…Bahrain is an island located in Asia and is referred to as “The Kingdom of Bahrain”. The country is located in the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia, north of Qatar. THE DESERT. It is very hot, dry, and sandy- a baby Dubai if you will. Not many people know where or what it actually is unless you’re military but there actually a bunch of great gems there if you so happen to take a trip. For my 27th birthday I did my first solo trip there and composed a list of touristy things to do while there… hope you enjoy<3

1. Brunch

If you are fortunate enough to be in Bahrain on a Friday you NEED to go to one of their brunches. There are soo many different places and options (typically they are held in a hotel of some sort because of their alcohol restrictions in the Kingdom) Luckily I was invite to one at Movenpick hotel from someone in one of the traveling groups that I am in.

I’ve been to quite a few brunches in my lifetime, but the one I went to there out beats every last one of them. There was unlimited GOURMET food, unlimited cocktails (premium alcoholic and non) entertainment, a DJ and a live band. Food that varied from a Seafood bar, Asian bar, Pasta bar, American food, Mediterranean food, pastries, chocolate fountains, fresh fruits…anything you could think of, it was there.

2. Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Al Fateh is one of the largest mosques in the world and has the ability to accommodate over 7000 worshipers at a time. The mosque is open for tours daily from 9am to 4pm. Non Muslim personnel are able to tour the mosque. If you are not dressed appropriately (legs and arms covered) to tour, they also provide you with Hijabs and loaners for you. The tour lasted approximately 45 minutes and my tour guide was soo informative and soo passionate about what she was speaking on. I have very minimal knowledge as to the Muslim culture but by the conclusion of the tour I felt like I’ve had a semester worth of knowledge within me. I actually went when it was prayer time so I was able to witness the prayer. The tour guide read from the Quran and explained how the Quran was written, how the prayer was done and the comparisons/difference between the bible and the Quran. My mind my definitely blown from the experience.

3. Manama Souk

Who doesn’t love a good market? Manama Souq is a plethora of narrow streets and store filled alleyways south from Bab Al Bahrain. The Souq is open 24 hours for your shopping pleasure but that doesn’t mean each shop will be open if you decide to show up at 3AM one morning. Anything you can possibly think of from t shirts, shoes, luggage, shisha, and of course…. GOLD, REAL GOLD is sold there. Streets upon streets with vendors from all over the world. There are a bunch of hidden gem cafes and restaurants that are within the souq like “Haijs Old Café” and “Gahwat Haji”.  

4. (Shajarat-al-Hayat) Tree Of Life

This beauty here is a lone tree that sits at the highest point on the island approximately 24 miles from the nearest city (35 minute drive). It stands at over 400 years old and is named “the tree of life” because there is no visible known water source around that helps keep the tree alive. It is said that some scientists believe that its rooted are deeply rooted in the ground and receives water from a water source. Others believe that the site is that of the biblical Garden of Eden.

5. Wranglers

This heavily US service members club is one of the most popular in Bahrain. It makes you feel at home by the atmosphere, choice of music and vibes of the club. The club is open until 2am, but leading more towards midnight it becomes scarce inside because the servicemen and women have a curfew of midnight. There is no way around that either, there are people there who fill flag you down and check you for your ID if you look “American”. Outside of all that, the music was current and upbeat with hip hop, rap and R &B and the drinks were heavily potent.