Have you been dying to go to a new state but those airline tickets just aren’t cutting what your available balance says in your bank account? Or, you need to be somewhere else and you’ve only been given 1-2 weeks notice prior to the event & you know damn well flights are probably well in the 400s if it’s to a popular city. Been there. Done that. I got you. I provided a list of my Top 5 airlines that i use for cheap & affordable travel.

1. Allegiant

I found this little gem from word of my mouth when i first moved to Jacksonville. Someone was telling me how her daughter flies home from Orlando to Norfolk, Virginia for less that $100.

I had to see for myself (being that i traveled back home often when i first moved away).

Low & behold, that nice man did not lie. I was blown away of the prices that were available for different flights to major cities. Although, the flight is cheap, there are things you do have to pay for such as seating & bags – but I’ll show you the way around that.

My first flight booked with these guys was 1 week prior to departure from MCO (Orlando, Florida) to ORF (Norfolk, Virginia) for $101.00 round trip.

Click here to book with Allegiant

2. Frontier

I found this beauty after being mind blown of the dope allegiant deal that i got. I scurried my way right on to google and typed in “cheap airlines”.

This beauty popped right on up, very similar to Allegiant the prices were low, but not as low as Allegiant but still didn’t break that $200 cap that i had for a round trip ticket.

With this airline you do have to travel on certain days – so flexibility is a must. I wouldn’t recommend this airline if you’re doing a weekend vaca and have to be at work on Monday.

Bonus: This airline often does “Fly for $39” sales where you can book one way flights as low as $39.

Click here to book with Frontier!

3. Spirit

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard about spirit and the endless memes and jokes about them. As funny and seemingly dead on they are, spirit is actually a pretty okay airline. Lol

I’ve definitely used spirit for super last minute flights back home, me missing my flight at the airport and needing to get the next thing smoking to my destination. Although, Spirit generally is more expensive than the two above with the same “pay for your seat” thing going on as well. Spirit flight days are more expansive. They have been around longer and they fly Monday-Sunday.

Bonus: If you’re feeling really fancy, and have enjoyed their services, Spirit has a “9 dollar fare club membership” costing $59.95 for enrollment. Included in this you have access to a super discounted flight price on select flights/vacations AND 50% off your bags compared to airport prices. – something to think about.

Click here to book with Spirit!

4. Southwest

Some of you may be surprised as to why it’s last in my list for affordable domestic travel. Although yes, Southwest has been around longer than the three above – and seems to be the step sister of all the major airlines (Delta, American Airlines & United Airlines). The affordable flights do come with some baggage though. (Pun intended)

I am not knocking them. Don’t get me wrong, they do have some affordable flights. For the lowest priced flight while booking you would need to click on the “wanna get away” price. With this, unlike paying for the seat like the airlines above the time you check in determines the zone you get to board the plane – then, the seats are first come, first serve. Basically, hunger games up on that thing unless you pay extra to choose your seat.

There is a huge upside to Southwest though guys… FREE BAGS! With this airline your FIRST & SECOND checked bags are free. This is perfect for the packer who likes to have “options” in their wardrobe or someone who is a souvenir junkie.

Bonus: Southwest has random (as low as) $59 one way flight deals. Typically, they announce these as seasonal promotions or whenever they are feeling extra generous. Don’t miss your opportunity!