cioccolata calda e croissant al cioccolato

When i bought my ticket to Venice, I also bought a round-trip ticket to Rome. Flying out of VENICE 
MARCO POLO (VCE) at 620AM landing me in ROME FIUMICINO (FCO) at 725AM. (Thankfully, this round-trip same day ticket only cost me $98.00.) Then, taking the train into the city. By this time, I was STARVING. I didn’t care what I had to eat as long as it was, even if it was the forsaken McDonald’s. Surprisingly to my liking, this McDonald’s was nothing like the ones back home in the U.S. I was abled to order this delish hot chocolate (it was a bit chilly when I went in early April) paired with a chocolate croissant. I didn’t want to eat too much because I wanted to save my appetite for some authentic Italian food later. Finally fed, it was time to take on Rome….

Aggressively outside the McDonald’ stood another world. People, cars and markets were EVERYWHERE. By not planning before hand like I typically do I was suckered into buying a hop on hop off buss pass that took you around to popular destinations throughout the city. With limited time and only having approx. 6 hours until my flight back to Venice, i hopped on the bus and got off at the Collesium stop.

At this time, it is nearly 3PM, leaving me with approximately 3 hours to see more of beautiful Rome before catching my flight back to Venice. I couldn’t go to Rome without seeing the sisteen chapel. I flagged down a local who was selling tours actively on the streets and gave him my request. He exclaimed for a set price it would be a guaranteed spot of the walking guided tour of the museum with “skip line” privileges. But there was a catch.
There’s always a catch...
I had to be across town at the tour booking agency in 10 minutes but it was well over a 20 min walk. But guess what?

I got there on time!

Out of all the masterpieces I saw that day, this one by far had to be my most favorite.

Completely satisfied, exhausted and filled with overwhelming joy. My breathing trip has come to an end and it was time to head back to Venice to catch my flight to my long journey back home to the US.